Modern processors (both CPUs and GPUs) and architectures (grid, cluster, cloud) are particularly adapted for distribution, parallelism and vectorization (Single Instruction Multiple Data). Well-designed parallel code can run much faster than simple C/C++ implementations. In order to benefit from this speedup, one requires extensive knowledge of a variety of hardware and software technologies.
Our research and development activities in partnership with main technology vendors (Nvidia, Intel) allowed us to build expertise in HPC. This expertise helps our customers maximizing performance while focusing on algorithmic innovation (Automatic Differentiation e.g.).



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20 April 2015 Misys_Logo_strap_90Black Global Market Solutions partners with Misys to provide additional European Treasury and Capital Markets project expertise


3 April 2015 The latest GMS newsletter about lifetime costs of xVAs

Our core services include

  • GPU

    Development of high performance computing solutions for GPUs using CUDA or OpenCL
  • Intel MIC

    Development of high performance computing solutions for Intel MIC using OpenMP or OpenCL
  • Algorithm parallelization

    For multi-core, many-core and multi-node scaling
  • Global Analysis

    Feasibilty study, algorithmic analysis and identification of financial software integration patterns
  • Code optimization

    Optimization using improved memory access, SIMD instruction sets, etc.
  • Recommendations

    Making hardware and architecture recommendations for specific use cases