Global Market Solutions provide a Suite of testing tools for the Treasury and Capital Markets. Financial institutions, especially within investment banking, are  often faced with the tradeoff between time to market and quality when it comes to IT related projects. This has been accelerated recently with the internal or external pressures to upgrade or release new versions to meet regulatory requirements or transformation features. In this context, the requirement for an automated quality solution is becoming a real objective. Global Market Solutions, with experience with various integration projects in Europe, has decided to invest in a Quality solution based on extensive client inputs. The first Solution of the GMS Quality Factory has been designed and customized especially for Misys’ Summit Software. QualityFactory consists of, the batch module for Summit FT testing outputs and, a User Interface testing engine which includes performance testing features.

Key Benefits

Quality Factory is a competitive solution with the following main advantages:

  • Zero development to record the testing scenario
  • Summit FT natively compliant
  • Testing Summit FT down to the database
  • Easily installed and ready to use immediately
  • Compliant with continuous integration Suites
  • Efficient for performance testing
  • Availability of statistics and comparison tools
  • No specific third party components needed. Easy to deploy


From our clients’ feedback, we had the following as the the most important User Interface testing requirements:

  • Compare two single sequences performed by a given user and ensure consistency in the results
  • Test the full chain of Summit FT technical components down to the database
  • Record the test sequences easily and quickly and avoid a long development process
  • Launch use cases previously recorded as a sequence in parallel to simulate a real production workload
  • Monitor performances and compare them from one version to another
  • Easy to implement and to use
  • Compliant with a “continuous integration” already in place within the bank
  • Scenario video recording


The module has been designed in .NET/C# to be close to the Summit FT technology and uses http/https.


User Interface:

  1. User sequence recording: creating the test cases.
  2. Test cases library: ordering, filtering & maintenance
  3. Replay a single test case: replay, statistics and intelligent comparison features
  4. Performance testing: replay in parallel X test cases Y times with several options to simulate real use cases.
  • Matrices of concurrent virtual users and test cases
  • Option to include “thinking time” meaning including all the time corresponding to no action from the users on the desktop
  • Include or not latencies (laps) between the parallel connections
  • Assign a desktop, program mode and scenario to a user
  • Granular comparison results and performances statistics


  1. Report editor allowing to download a list of Summit reports
  2. Report configuration to define properties to be checked during the comparison
  3. Tolerance check definitions
  4. Report launcher