Front-End and What-if

IRIS Front-End

The main desktop is accessible to the end-user and supports SSO integration with existing corporate AD and LDAP environments. Two main tools are available:

  • Blotters – provide real-time tools for portfolio and market data monitoring. Pivot-table representations are available as part of CORE functionalities. The domain or scope of the monitoring is selected based on filter criteria.
  • What-if – This decision-making tool allows real-time simulations along different axis: New trades, Amendment, Events, CSA characteristics, Market data. Scenarios can be stored and thus re-played. Strategies – as a combination of scenarios – can be simulated. The results of different simulations are easily compared. For new deals, FpML representation of the scenario can be generated so corresponding new trades are easily booked.


IRIS Front-End is easily and safely customizable through the WPF framework implementing the Model-View-ViewModel pattern.