Aggregation & RIX Language


Continuous regulatory changes (e.g. IM/VM, SA-CCR, etc.) and new risk mitigants are forcing banks to implement a flexible tool for prototyping and implementing the best solution in the quickest way for assessing financial impacts.

RIX allows fast go-to-market implementation and aggregation instances, so impact analysis can be done within hours instead of days or weeks.

Users have to define:

  • The portfolio hierarchy required for the computation: typically the new SA-CCR will required again another aggregation rules including hedging sets and asset specific logic (e.g. different definition for commodities and interest rate)
  • Their metrics definition in RIX language: easy way to code a RWA formula or any closed-formula required by the regulator – no development is required here and this new metric will be dynamically available in all IRIS blotters and reports
  • The binding rules for each level of the portfolio so the appropriate aggregation is performed on each metric