IRIS offers a complete solution covering all the Counterparty Credit Risk project streams and addresses weaknesses of existing CVA implementations provided by competitors software solutions.


  • Completeness: IRIS workflow handles the global challenge of active counterparty credit risk management, from trading data acquisition to trade re-booking including curve stripping, consistent pricing, exhaustive aggregation module, hedge requirement computation and What-if scenarios.
  • Performance: IRIS is a parallel distributed application permitting efficient utilization of multi-core systems.  An HPC solution based on GPU and Multicore processors is also available to accelerate pricing and Greeks computation.
  • Integration capability: The ability to plug IRIS engines into existing complex systems is a major design goal. The choice of .NET development framework ensures interoperability and integration with other languages. IRIS fully supports FpML and market data providers including Reuters, Bloomberg, Markit which ensures smooth data stream integration.
  • Transparency: IRIS internal data are fully accessible making computation details auditable.
  • Extendibility: IRIS is modular. Each IRIS component is a pluggable framework with API interfaces so client specific logic can be efficiently integrated.
  • Scalability: Scalability across multiple cores is ensured by distributed client-server architecture – with dedicated computation workers per client – and through functional, parallel and asynchronous programming on server side.

IRIS Concept

IRIS was born for answering highly complex requirements related to Basel III and Credit Valuation Management: A proven solution where its backbone can be used to leverage any solution